Flowchem Drag Reducing Additives (DRA) – Applications for All Pipeline Conditions and Grades

Flowchem offers a wide range of drag reducing agents (DRA) to reduce energy losses and pressure during pipeline operations in order to improve throughput of pipeline networks. The TURBOFLO® product line consists of a variety of DRA products to optimize the flow of hydrocarbons across the entire API gravity spectrum.


Flowchem Drag Reducing Additives (DRA) – Flowchem Applications – Light to Medium Crude

Light to Medium Crude

TURBOFLO® DRAs for Light to Medium Crude are proven DRA solutions for the optimization of crude pipeline operations by improving the flow in condensate and light to medium applications.

Flowchem Drag Reducing Additives (DRA) – Flowchem Applications – Multi-Phase


TURBOFLO Multi-Phase DRA is injected into pipeline systems to achieve optimized flow patterns thus reducing back pressure. This TURBOFLO formulation ensures a fast dissolution into the liquid hydrocarbon phase.

Flowchem Drag Reducing Additives (DRA) – Flowchem Applications – Heavy Crude

Heavy Crude

Heavy crude oil is frequently a challenge for traditional drag reducing agents. At crude oil gravities below 23° API gravity, traditional DRAs lose their effectiveness and fail to completely disperse within the heavy crude, resulting in minimal to zero drag reduction.

Flowchem Drag Reducing Additives (DRA) – Flowchem Applications – Refined Fuels

Refined Fuels

Refined fuels flow at high velocity and greater turbulence within a pipeline. TURBOFLO DRA for Refined Fuels is used to optimize flow and throughput of gasoline and diesel applications by establishing a linear flow in extremely turbulent environments, conditions and pipelines.

Flowchem Drag Reducing Additives (DRA) – Flowchem Applications – Specialty Fuels


TURBOFLO Specialty DRA is formulated for unique applications: tanker loading lines, intra-refinery pipelines, crude gathering processes, oil platforms and subsea wellheads applications. This DRA product line is often used in nontraditional environments where flow characteristics can be improved.

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