Flowchem Drag Reducing Additives (DRA) – TURBOFLO Applications – Refined Fuels

Refined fuels flow at high velocity and greater turbulence within a pipeline. TURBOFLO® DRA for Refined Fuels is used to optimize flow and throughput of gasoline and diesel applications by establishing a linear flow in extremely turbulent environments, conditions and pipelines.

TURBOFLO for Refined Fuels dissolves faster in fuels compared to traditional DRA products and achieves up to 80% drag reduction. This formulation of TURBOFLO is designed to improve flow rate of refined fuels and dissolves within pipeline flow to ensure the fuel quality is not compromised.

The rapid dissolution of TURBOFLO for Refined Fuels make it the most effective DRA product for gasoline and diesel applications. By adding just a few ppm of TURBOFLO for Refined Fuels into a pipeline network, high levels of drag reduction are achieved and the throughput and profitability of operations are optimized.

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