Flowchem Drag Reducing Additives (DRA) – TURBOFLO Applications – Heavy Crude

Heavy crude oil is frequently a challenge for traditional drag reducing agents. At crude oil gravities below 23° API gravity, traditional DRAs lose their effectiveness and fail to completely disperse within the heavy crude, resulting in minimal to zero drag reduction.

TURBOFLO® for Heavy Crude is designed for heavy crude oil applications below 23° API gravity. This blend is specially-formulated to dissolve in heavy crude and can potentially achieve 40-50% drag reduction in turbulent heavy crude pipelines.

TURBOFLO for Heavy Crude is a homogeneous product, providing greater stability throughout shipments with a longer shelf-life and is formulated to dissolve into crude streams that are complex in nature. TURBOFLO for Heavy Crude exhibits an elevated hydrocarbon affinity and can apply to a wide variance of heavy crudes.

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