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As a flow improver specialist, Flowchem is dedicated to delivering the most cost effective DRA solutions in the industry. With Flowchem’s family of TURBOFLO® Drag Reducing Agents, pipeline flow can increase up to 100% and achieves drag reduction of up to 80%.

Completely Committed to DRA

Flowchem is 100% dedicated to the development, production and application of drag reducing agents, devoting all of our resources to the manufacturing, packaging, distribution and support of flow improvers. Because of this sole focus, Flowchem has emerged as a leading provider of DRA products to optimize the throughput of pipeline systems and increase the profitability of pipeline operators.

Flowchem - Completely committed to Drag Reducing Additives (DRA)
Flowchem - Drag Reducing Additives (DRA) – Research and Development

DRA Products for Every Pipeline System:

Since 2001, dedicated Flowchem chemists and research personnel have developed a wide range of DRA products to optimize pipeline operations. From light, medium and heavy crudes, to specialty and refined fuel blends, Flowchem offers a proven solution to improve pipeline flow rate and energy efficiencies. If a pipeline system requires a specialized solution, our R&D department will customize a DRA product and injection system to meet specific climates and applications.

Providing Pipeline Optimization

At Flowchem, our engineers and hydraulic experts offer step-by-step guidance on improving pipeline operations and provide pipeline optimization with DRA solutions. Flowchem specialists assist with proper injection of TURBOFLO and operational data analysis. Our goal is simple: help clients optimize their pipeline operations.

Flowchem - Drag Reducing Additives (DRA) – Flow Consultants
Flowchem - Drag Reducing Additives (DRA) – Experienced Team

A Diverse Team of Industry Experts

One key factor in Flowchem’s success is the collaboration between our experienced personnel to deliver optimal DRA solutions. Our team ranges from hydraulic experts, chemists and research personnel, to engineers with backgrounds in pipeline design and construction.

The Industry’s Most Responsive DRA Provider

When pipeline operators need efficient solutions to maximize assets, Flowchem has the fastest time to market in the industry. With distribution centers located around the world, Flowchem offers prompt turnkey DRA solutions. From initial customer inquiry to pipeline injection, we can deliver DRA solutions within days compared to months.

Flowchem - Drag Reducing Additives (DRA) – Time to Market
Flowchem - Drag Reducing Additives (DRA) – Customized Product

Specially Formulated DRA for Any Pipeline

Flowchem’s team of chemists and research personnel can provide a custom-made DRA product formulated to optimize any pipeline system. Our experienced team not only creates a specialized blend of TURBOFLO to match a pipeline’s specific needs, but also designs unique injection equipment and supply chain solutions to accommodate the product’s safe and efficient delivery.

Stable and Resilient DRA Formula

Flowchem’s flow improver, TURBOFLO, is a non-hazardous and nonflammable product that can be transported by plane, so pipeline operators can receive their DRA quickly and efficiently. Additionally, TURBOFLO DRA is a more stable formula, so the flow improver remains homogeneous longer while retaining maximum effectiveness.

Flowchem - Drag Reducing Additives (DRA) – Stable and Resilient DRA Formula

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