Drag Reduction Additives
to Improve Pipeline Flow

Contact a Flowchem ProfessionalWhy Choose Flowchem?

DRA Equipment & Delivery

Flowchem offers a total package of pipeline Flow Improvers and equipment designed to deliver maximum performance to your gas or crude pipeline operation on land or offshore. 

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Custom Injection Skids

Metered dra reducing agent pump injection systems can be configured for any Turboflo pipeline application including:DRA flow improver skids

Automated & Adjustable

Your pump system's flow rate is metered by a programmable onboard logic controller that can be set and adjusted locally or remotely

100% Back Up Capacity

Each drag reducing agent pump system is equipped with a redundant pump capable of 100% normal flow.

Tested & Compliant

Flowchem injection skids are pre-wired and thoroughly tested before delivery to your location and all systems are fully compliant with international standards.

Your custom injection skid will be built according to the specifications of your project and to the level of automation that works best for your needs.

How much DRA do I need?

Call (936) 372-5347 or contact us online to discuss your pipeline Flow Improvers solutions with a Flowchem professional.

DRA System Tanksflow improver tanks for flowchem dra'sflowchem improver tank on site

The best tank for your project depends upon your specific application and management methods.  We provide permanent and temporary tanks and environmentally controlled slurry tanks.  Shuttle tanks can be manufactured to your specifications for offshore applications.  Learn more about getting Turboflo into your pipelines.